What Is A Clove Of Garlic?

What Is a Clove of Garlic: Different preparations of cloves for culinary use

Garlic is definitely one of the most common ingredients in many cuisines spanning Western, Chinese, SE Asian and European. The diverse benefits of garlic have also been used in healing and therefore, are very well known in the scientific communities. Using garlic in daily life seems a mundane topic, but nonetheless, intriguing since you can process a clove of garlic and get different results. Let us analyze how garlic preparations are done.

Choosing the garlic clove

When you buy garlic in the store, you will notice garlic is sold in bulb form. Each bulb will contain around 10-15 cloves of garlic depending on size. The garlic bulb should be big and plump and the skin should be tight and paper like, with a very silky texture. Do not buy garlic if the covering is soft, spongy and not intact. Small ones are good since they are very much tender and though they are harder to extract, for culinary purposes, they give off better results.

What is a clove of garlic worth equivalent to?

Depending on size, it can be equivalent to 1 teaspoon of finely chopped garlic. If the recipe requires such, then do as instructed. It will make you more of a pro if you know how to associate size with measurements. With cooking, garlic can have a different effect based on the method of cooking. Cooked garlic compared to a raw one, is a lot mellower in flavor and aroma. This is because when you crush the garlic, the juices that cause the pungent smell is destroyed by heat, leaving only a nice smooth flavor that can be infused in oils to enhance dishes. A salad with raw garlic might require more parsley to neutralize the flavor.

Peeling a garlic clove

A clove of garlic has a distinct flat area where the root was initially connected. In peeling your garlic clove, remove that flat surface of the garlic using a knife and you will see the meaty area of the garlic. At this point, it is still a bit hard to remove the skin. If you need the garlic whole and you just have to remove the skin, gently take the skins off from the exposed area. You might also want to cut the other end of the garlic to make the peeling process faster.

Crushing garlic 

There are 2 ways to crush the garlic clove. First, take a piece and place it on a flat surface. Using your knife, place it flat over the garlic, covering the entire clove. Add pressure to the knife or hit it with a swift pound. The garlic will be broken with its juices oozing and you can easily remove the skin. Now, you can simply use this or you might also want to chop it further to add to any recipe. You can also use a garlic-crushing device. It has small holes on the bottom area. The garlic clove is placed on the compartment and just like a can opener or a scissor; the crushing action pushes the garlic to small pieces. In some cases, the skin does not need to be removed. 

Garlic Cloves Are Full Of Health

clove of garlic
Garlic cloves

Apparently it just seems a simple and ordinary clove of the bulb but in reality it is much more than just a simple clove. The clove is a small energy bomb. Which clove? The Garlic clove. Now the question, What Is A Clove Of Garlic has a very detailed and many fold answer. This is not just a clove but much more than a clove.

Garlic cloves can add great delicacy to our foods due to the fact that it has the full ability of a taste enhancer. This ability of the Garlic cloves to add taste in our foods has made it very highly and continuously demanded in nearly all parts of the world. A clove of Garlic apart from being used as a taste enhancer can provide a lot of energy and warmth to the body. Especially those people who live in cold areas of the world have a high demand for Garlic as it can help them in maintaining their body temperature by providing heat energy to their bodies. So a clove of Garlic is considered to be the best source of heat and energy.

Garlic cloves are also recommended by many licensed as well as non licensed medical practitioners to those people who are suffering from the problem of high blood pressure due to the fact that Garlic has the natural ability to regulate and control the blood pressure in human beings thus helping them to maintain a normal blood pressure without any other medication which might put adverse effects upon the body. Another positive and effective use of Garlic is that it is also recommended by doctors to those people who have a high blood cholesterol level because Garlic has the ability to clean and purify the blood thus making the blood flow more smooth and easier by removing the fat and cholesterol from the blood vessels.

Garlic cloves are also very good for the heart related issues and problems and due to this it is also recommended for those people who are suffering from heart issues. Garlic cloves support the heart blood pump action by removing the fats and blockages around the heart.

I think the above information might be enough to answer the question that What Is A Clove Of Garlic, but however, if this question is still being asked then another answer for the question What Is A Clove Of Garlic is that the Garlic clove also serves as Garlic seed and one can easily grow in house Garlic by sowing Garlic cloves in his or her backyard or garden. It is not difficult to sow the Garlic cloves as they do not need high requirements but however some basic water and nutrient care is still required in order to get the best out of the sown Garlic cloves. Garlic cloves are also sown by many people on wide areas for commercial purposes on high levels. Garlic is highly dealt on commercial purposes.