The Wild Garlic

Wild Garlic

Wild Garlic – The wild Brother of Garlic Which has Better Medicinal Properties

While for some people the wild garlic is a weed that plays havoc with wheat harvested from their wheat fields and with milk obtained from their cows there are others who treat it as a plant of medicinal value. There are two main varieties of the plant. One of them causes problems by getting their seeds mixed with harvested wheat. When wheat is contaminated with these seeds the wheat gets an off taste. When the cows graze in areas where this plant is there in the meadows, they produce milk that has the garlic smell. Even the butter made with such milk has the peculiar smell.

Economic aspects of the wild garlic

While the regular garlic commands a better price for its bulb, the wild varieties are well known for their leaves. They are edible and are valuable as herbs. However, they create problems for farmers and they are treated as weeds by them. It creates a lot of problems to nursery growers as this invasive weed is difficult to remove.

Medicinal value of wild garlic

Wild garlic is found to have better medicinal value than regular garlic. While both wild garlic and the regular garlic have the same properties the wild varieties have more of them. In the treatment of many ailments the wild variety is considered to have better effects. They are good for the treatment of cardiovascular disease and the control of cholesterol. They are also able to control high blood pressure. Some studies have found that they have 4.5% more sulfur than the regular garlic.

Medicinal value of the wild garlic is emphasized with the higher levels of sulfur it has. Fruits and vegetables are the main sources of sulfur. Since the body cannot produce this vital element that is necessary for cell function, value of wild garlic is very high as it could supply sulfur.

There are two main varieties of wild garlic. Out of them allum ursinum is a variety that is being used for cancer treatment. It also has very good levels of anti oxidants, which could reduce the risk of cancer. It is a plant that grows in the wild. When you try to harvest them you need to be careful, as there are some poisonous plants that have the same appearance as them. However, when you press a leaf between your thumb and the index finger, you will get the distinctive smell of garlic if it is the right leaf. When you have this plant in your diet it is able to remove the free radicals that cause cancer. This plant has a broad leaf and its flowers will appear in early spring. The flowers do not carry bulbs unlike other wild varieties.

The wild garlic is treated as a weed and some people try to eradicate them. However, it is also accepted by many as a plant with medicinal value. Those who practice alternative medicine love these plants for their medicinal values. Future of these plants will depend on how well those who are trying to destroy them will succeed.

The Wild Garlic Served At The Wild Restaurant

If you happen to live in the United Kingdom and are looking for some place where you would find your favorite garlic dish, then do not wait a minute and visit The Wild Garlic restaurant in order to satisfy your urge for the perfect garlic dish. The Wild Garlic is a promising and high quality restaurant that is located at The Square, Beaminster, Dorset, England. This restaurant has been founded and operated by the famous chef Mat Follas.

Mat Follas is a world-renowned chef, who has also won the title of the Masterchef 2009, a competition program that is sponsored and organized by the BBC. The winning of this title meant that Mat was recognized by the world as a seasoned chef who could make all sorts of culinary arts, like salads, pizzas with extra rich toppings, delicate cooked king crab legs and cakes and pastries alike. But of special notice were his abilities to use garlic in the preparation of his dishes, for example the Wild Garlic pesto and the Wild Garlic special delicacy. These are some of the dishes that are Mat Follas’s specialties and many people around Great Britain and even Europe pay a visit to The Wild Garlic in order to consume these dishes. This normally means that such dishes would be sold to the customers for a large premium, but this is not the case as these dishes, despite the fact that they are delicacies, only cost fifteen pound or even less. Who could have known that a person leaving a corporate job would become so famous as a chef that he would be known world wide, especially for his Wild Garlic dishes.

A visit to The Wild Garlic restaurant will let you know that there are specific menus for the lunch and dinner. Besides the two, an in line menu is always available. This is the line of dishes that is made by using the local produce, so it tends to change with time as the supply of local produce changes with changing seasons. For the lunch menu, it is sub divided into three different groups: the starter, the Main and the Pudding. In the starter items, the Confit Duck Leg and the Pan fried Sprats are very famous, whereas the Hooke wild mushroom spelt risotto is the most liked in the main category. As for the pudding, the chocolate brownie and ice cream is a must try.

The dinner menu at The Wild Garlic is also magnificent and a treat not only to the taste but also to the eyes. It roasted squash soup holds a round of its own in the starter category and Fillet of beef, smoked mash and Bearnaise sauce are a favorite among the main dishes category. There is also a ‘fish of the day’ that depends on that day’s specific fish and the Apple tart tatin and sorrel ice cream is also a favorite. There is also a cheese board where local cheese is served with hand made chutney and crackers. So next time you are nearby, do pay a visit to The Wild Garlic.


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