Roast garlic

Roast garlic

Roast Garlic Easy Roasted Garlic recipe is almost Done

Despite all the good medicinal properties of garlic it has a strong aroma and a flavor. If you want to make it mild while preserving its medicinal value, what you need to do is to roast garlic and use it in your recipes. When you roast garlic easy roasted garlic recipe is half way done. It is easy to make and the garlic gets a characteristic aroma and a taste when you do.

Ingredients you need  

Really speaking you hardly need any ingredients. You only need the garlic that is in whole bulbs. If cloves are separated, you cannot use them for roasting. The only other ingredient you need is extra virgin olive oil.  


Once you have selected some good bulbs of garlic, remove those loose skins that cover the bulb and not the ones that protect each of the cloves. Keep the bulb intact. Now using a sharp knife cut off the top portion so as to cut the top portion of all the cloves in the bulb.

Pour a small volume of virgin olive oil into each and every clove that has been cut. Leave the bulb of garlic on an aluminum foil and fold the aluminum foil to make a pouch. Leave it on a tray and bake in the oven. Roasting process will take around 45 minutes. However, when you get that particular smell of roasted garlic, you could take your garlic away from the oven.  

How to serve roasted garlic  

Once you roast garlic easy roasted garlic recipe is done. Now you need to serve it to your guests. Once the garlic is cold enough to handle, you could use a very small knife and open the top ends of the cloves. Then you could squeeze them into a dish. Garlic thus obtained could be pureed in to a dish and serve with bread.

Even you could leave the roasted skinned garlic cloves as they are. Your guests could spread them on the bread with a knife. If you have baked too many bulbs of garlic you never need to worry. The extra skinned garlic could be left in an airtight container and they will stay in the fridge for several days until you use them for your other recipes. 

An alternative method of roasting garlic  

If your garlic is in separate cloves still you could roast them. Wipe off any loose skin. With a pairing-knife slit open the stem end of each clove and leave them on an aluminum foil. Drizzle some extra virgin olive oil and form the aluminum foil into a pouch before leaving it on a shelf of the oven. Roast until they emit that nice smell. In 45 minutes you will have the roasted garlic. You could squeeze the garlic out of the cloves and you are done.  

Roasted garlic is always served as an accompaniment for another food. It is able to enhance the taste of any food and also it could impart some medicinal value. You roast garlic easy roasted garlic recipe will produce you a delicious accompaniment for bread.

Enjoying The Roasted Garlic

There are several ways in which garlic can be eaten. One way that is most common around the whole world is for garlic scapes to be eaten in the form of a salad serving. This provides the most freshness and nutritive benefits of the garlic, besides the garlic cloves itself.

The second form is that garlic and is scapes are eaten in the form of a pesto, usually in conjunction with butter and almonds or a like dry fruit. But in most western countries, garlic is simply not used as a seasoning or additive herb, but rather as a dish in itself and Roasted Garlic is one such form. Roasted Garlic is favored by many for its strong taste and deep, crisp texture.

Since we know that ripe garlic comes in the form of a bulb, roasting the bulb directly is good but however, it still can cause problems. There is a danger of overcooking or undercooking the whole bulb and since the bulb contains individual cloves with their skin on, roasting with the skin on can also cause problems and may result in the skin being burnt with the clove underneath not being cooked at all.

So for the person who has not tried roasting before, it is better to first consult a Roasted Garlic Recipe in order to know what the proper procedure is for roasting different types of garlic in different states. Such a Roasted Garlic Recipe is now being produced in order to demonstrate the process of Roasting The Garlic In The Oven.

Roasting Garlic In The Oven is relatively straightforward, you have to take eight to ten cloves of garlic and put some extra virgin olive oil on them, about a tablespoon or so. You should then wrap it in an aluminum foil and place it in an oven, which should have been preheated to 350 degrees F. then leave them in the oven for about forty five minutes, where they will be roasted.

Take care not to place the contents on the top or the bottom tray of the oven, as these tend to burn up the contents. The middle tray is always the best place for Roasting Garlic In The Oven. After the passage of forty five minutes, take the contents out.

If you have done the process properly, you will find some light brown, crispy and crunchy Roasted Garlic Cloves that are ready to be served with either pasta, where they truly complement the smooth nature of pasta with a crunch, or the Roasted Garlic Cloves could be mashed up with the help of a masher in order to be served with mashed potatoes, as a part of roasted garlic mashed potatoes. In that dish too, the Roasted Garlic Cloves serve to add a crisper tone to the mashed potatoes and help enhance the taste of the dish.

On the other hand, the roasted garlic cloves could also be served with boiled rice and a chicken or mutton dish, in order to be served as ‘taste enhancers’ so that the dish may be given a ‘hot feel’ to it.


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