Pickled Garlic

Pickled Garlic

Exploring the unique pickled garlic recipes

One of the most unique dishes that you can create using garlic is pickled garlic. It is a very popular recipe and an expensive commodity if you purchase in the grocery. For a bottle set of garlic in vinegar, it may seem like a rip off but indeed, this recipe is a hit for many people. You can add this on many dishes or as it is. You can place it on sauces to enhance the flavor of the recipe. It is therefore an important ingredient for many households. Since it is an expensive dish it is much better if you can do your own pickling process. If you want, there are easy steps that you have to follow.

There are 2 common variations to the recipe. Let us deal with the first one: you will need vinegar, sugar, garlic and spices. First, you boil vinegar with sugar. Next you place the garlic and spices. After some time, you remove them from heat and let them cool down a little before placing in glass containers with tight lids. You place garlic and the liquid mixture. Refrigerate the mixture and wait 3 weeks before opening and consuming the product. The second one: you do the same boiling process with the vinegar and sugar. However, this time, you place the garlic cloves and the spices on the jar and then, you carefully fill the jar with the liquid solution. Tightly close it and then, wait for another 3 weeks before opening the lid and using the pickled garlic.

There are so many spices that can be included in pickled garlic. You can place dill, and celery seeds. You can also choose a hotter alternative like pepper, habanero and others. There are also pickling mixes that you can use so you do not have to experiment. However, the most exciting part is finding out which combination will best suit particular dishes that you want to make. Therefore, experimenting is still a very useful process and can really help you in the long run. The normal vinegar for this recipe is the white cane vinegar but if you want to change it up a little, you can use red wine vinegar. You can also just use salt to taste.

Blue garlic?

It all depends on the kind of water you used. If you used tap water for your water, there might be trace amounts of copper in the liquid and in time, it could result to the bluish color of the garlic. Do not freak out, it is not a sign of spoilage. It just turned the color blue and there is nothing to fear about it. You can still eat it. Of course, you have to check and make sure that you time your use and only pickle the amount that you can really consume. What recipes will it demand? Are you going to use it for sauces and salads? Therefore, you might want to pickle 1 or 2 heads of garlic and that could suffice.

The Pickle Is Very Tasty

Vegetables can be used in different forms and cooked in different ways. Vegetable pickle is used by many people and considered to be very delicious and nutritious. When we talk about vegetables and vegetable pickle, it is important to discuss about Pickled Garlic. Garlic is considered to be very valuable due to the fact that it adds great taste to our recipes and dishes. Apart from taste and delicacy, Garlic is well considered to be a good medicine for different body problems and diseases. The use of Garlic is very common and widespread as we know that it is used in different forms and in different recipes. Garlic adds great taste to soups like chicken soup, corn soup and vegetable soup. Garlic is also used in meat dishes up to a great extent in many parts of the world. Pickled Garlic is also preferred by so many people in different countries of the world. Pickled Garlic is more tasty as compared to Garlic Juice or Garlic sauce. Another positive aspect of pickled Garlic is that it is preserved and can stay for a long period of time. Pickled Garlic has main two forms, one form is the Garlic pickle in vinegar while the other form of Pickled Garlic is prepared in oil and spices. Pickled Garlic in vinegar reduces the warm effect of the Garlic and is preferred by different people. Pickled Garlic can be well used along with fried meat and cooked vegetables as it improves digestion up to a great extent. Pickled Garlic is also very good for gas problems as it enhances the food digestion quickly. As a pickle, Garlic can be used as alone or may be combined with other vegetables as a pickle. Oil Pickled Garlic may be a bit greasy or heavier but also has many advantages including blood pressure control and a warmth or energy supply to the body.

In Asian countries, Pickled Garlic is very common and can be found in nearly every house due to the fact that in these countries the females are very fond of preparing Pickled Garlic and are considered to be experts in this job. Different manufacturers also produce Pickled Garlic at a big scope and level. If you do not know the method to prepare Pickled Garlic in house then you can easily find them in the market. Many countries to other parts of the world export Pickled Garlic and this makes the garlic more demanded. Pickle manufacturers have earned a lot from dealing in Pickled Garlic, especially the exporters of pickle food. However one thing must be considered that Pickled Garlic must not contain excessive spices and oils as this may affect the real benefits and nutrition.


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