Kyolic Garlic

Kyolic Garlic

Kyolic Garlic – The Way to take Garlic and avoid its Smell

Garlic is well known for its medicinal properties but it has a strong aroma and taste. In case you eat a clove or two of garlic in its raw form, you will smell for hours. Even if the garlic is boiled it retains some of the smell. Therefore, scientists were looking for a method to get the medicinal value of garlic without having to bear with the odor. Finally, they have arrived with the Kyolic Garlic. It is an extract of garlic taken after aging the bulbs for 20 months in stainless steel tanks. The aging process eliminates the smell while retaining the food and medicinal value of garlic.

Health benefits of Kyolic Garlic

Intake of this garlic extract is able to reduce cardiovascular risk factors, as it is able to make blood vessels more flexible and thus open up to facilitate the blood to pass through. It is also able to control the LDL levels and increase the good cholesterol, which is called the HDL. It also is able to inhibit the platelet aggression called the blood thinning.

It has been concluded with tests that a person who consumes 4 ml of Kyolic Garlic extract a day will reduce the incidence of plaque in blood vessels significantly. The extent of reduction in the formation of plaque was found to be 65%. Since LDL levels get controlled and the HDLs get elevated, it facilitates the blood flow to the heart. Therefore Kyolic Garlic is good for heart patients especially those who have undergone heart surgery.

Another study has been conducted with a group of people to whom 4 capsules of Kyolic Garlic were given daily. After six months of administration of the oil 73% of those who were given the capsules were found to have significant drop in the serum cholesterol levels. 67% of the people were found to have lower triglyceride levels. They had a drop of 10% in triglycerides.

There are many brands of Kyolic Garlic extracts in the market manufactured by different companies. They all claim that the garlic they used is organically grown. Being organically grown is an essential feature of such extracts as pesticides and chemical fertilizer may provide various other chemicals to the plant which may end up in the bulb of the garlic. In an extraction process, these elements could gain entrance to the extract and bring about harmful effects in the long run.

Most of these supplements carry the necessary vitamins and other material such as green tea powder, pine bark extract and grape fruit extract. Generally these products are available in bottles that contain 100 capsules each and the dose is two capsules per serving. However, when you take Kyolic Garlic supplements you must seek your doctor’s advice before taking them because it may contradict the effects of blood thinning agents such as aspirin. If you dislike the smell of garlic and still want to take it, the only way left to you is to take it in the form of Kyolic Garlic extract capsules.

Unleash The Benefits of Garlic By Using Kyolic Garlic

It is a fact known through the study of history that garlic has been in use by man for the past five thousand years but if we look at it in detail, the real research and development on garlic has only been done during the past forty to fifty years. Research over this herb tells us that it contains two basic types of chemical components: Sulfur containing compounds and non-sulfur containing chemicals. The sulfur containing compound are diallyl sulfide and diallyl disulfide, ajoeine and cysteine whereas the non sulfur compounds consist of the saponin and allixin. These compounds have proven characteristics when it comes to unleashing the health benefits of garlic. It is these benefits that Kyolic Garlic aims to capture in its products.

Kyolic Garlic is a product that is basically an aged garlic extract, which is very strong by nature. The word Kyolic is derived from the Japanese word Kyo, which means strong. Thus the word Kyolic itself signifies the strength of the extract. The process of Kyolic Garlic extraction starts when garlic is grown organically. This is better from modern farming methods, since the use of organic fertilizers render an ideal amount of nutrients in the soil for garlic to grow in. and secondly, the garlic so grown is much safer since no chemical sprays or pesticides are used in growing such garlic.

Upon becoming ripe the garlic is harvested and is then aged gently. This is done because the raw garlic contains many severe compounds that are irritating to the body upon their ingestion. The aim of this ageing is to covert those irritating compounds present in raw garlic into beneficial, steady and gentle compounds. What this process does is that it changes most of the oil based compounds in to water soluble sulfur based compounds, which could be then readily used by the body and certain amount of oil soluble sulfur compounds, which can then be broken by the body in conjunction to fats.

This process of ageing takes about twenty months in order to produce Kyolic Garlic extract. The process also reduces the overpowering smell of garlic during the process.

There are a lot of health benefits that are associated with the use of Kyolic Garlic. It has primary benefits to those who suffer from high blood pressure and plays a vital role in the regulation of it by making the blood more viscous and thus helping it lower its pressure.

The Kyolic Garlic is also of vital use in the repair and upkeep of the liver, as it has several compounds, which are vital for the proper maintenance of liver cells and hepatic vitality. Kyolic Garlic has also been noted to be of worthy use in heart related diseases, especially in the cases of strokes and heart attacks. There is ongoing research, which suggests that the Kyolic Garlic may also possess abilities that allow it to fight cancers of several different types, although this is still a research and needs clinical substantiation. Whatever its results, Kyolic Garlic will be used just as its used today.


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