Is Garlic Good For You?

Is Garlic Good For You –A Question you must ask yourself Before Using it for its Medicinal Value

If anyone asks you the question “is garlic good for you” your reply should be a direct “yes” and there are quite a few reasons for you to say so. Garlic has long been treated as a food with medicinal value. It has been used by monks in the medieval ages to protect themselves from plague.

Soldiers during the Second World War have used it to dress wounds in the absence of antibiotics. Hippocrates has used its vapor for the treatment for cervical cancer. Presently many people use it as a food that could lower bad cholesterol in the body and as an agent capable of thinning blood.

Health giving ingredients of garlic

When you are looking for answers to the question “is garlic good for you” it is necessary to know why garlic has become a food with such valuable medical properties. Modern scientific evidence has shown that the health benefits of garlic are due to two basic ingredients of allicin and diallyl sulfides it has in it. Garlic has compounds that contain sulphur and the sulphur content is higher with stronger tasting varieties. This means its taste also has some relationship to the sulphur content it has. It is believed that the organically grown garlic has a higher level of sulphur. However, they taste stronger.

Garlic as an antibiotic

is garlic good for you?

Scientific research has also have shown that garlic has powerful antibiotic properties. However it is not targeted against a certain group of microorganisms. Therefore, it becomes abroad spectrum antibiotic. Another advantage of garlic as an antibiotic is that no microorganism develops resistance against it. These facts also provide answer to the question “is garlic good for you”.

If you seek any benefits of garlic for a specific ailment you suffer from, it is certainly going to be good for you. Another health benefit of garlic that will help you in the long run is its antioxidant properties. Since garlic has antioxidants it is able to reduce the damage done to your body by free radicals.

Answer to the question of “is garlic good for you” will not be complete if you don’t look at the possible side effects of garlic. Its most common side effect is the smell. However, you could prevent smell by taking it in the form of garlic supplements. One thing you must remember is that if you take it in raw form you need to take care of the volumes you take. If you take too much of it, you could damage your digestive tract.

There are some people who are allergic to garlic. The symptoms could be headaches, rashes and temperature. Garlic also has the potential to disrupt the effects of anticoagulants. Therefore, you must refrain from taking it when you are going to be subjected to surgery. 

Considering the above facts when you are looking for an answer to the question “is garlic good for you” you need to consider the individual cases. However, for the vast majority of population, garlic is a useful food ingredient.

It Is Good To Use Garlic

Vegetables on one side are the source of food for so many living creatures, apart from this vegetables and vegetable plants are also a good sign of natural beauty. Vegetables are also used as medication for the human body as they have multi functional dimensions. Garlic is also a very valuable and useful vegetable. Is Garlic Good For You?

Now let us come to the question that Is Garlic Good For You? Yes Garlic is very good for us because out of it’s so many functions and uses, one big function of Garlic is that it regulates the blood circulation through purifying the blood from cholesterol and other body fats. Blood circulation has a good and direct relation with blood pressure and blood cholesterol level.

As we know that blood pressure and high blood cholesterol affect the blood circulation so the best remedy in this case is use of garlic because when Garlic cleans the blood from cholesterol slumps and ensures proper blood circulation it means it is the best medicine for those patients who are suffering from high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol level.

Apart from above bio functions, Garlic is also very good for the heart because it also purifies the heart valves and chambers from any fats or other blockages. Garlic is also a good source of energy and body warmth and this makes it more demanded in cold areas and winter seasons. Garlic is also advised if you are suffering from continuous and persistent headaches.

Now Is Garlic Good For You in terms of food and taste? Again yes is the answer. I think we all know well that Garlic is a great source of taste if you use it in foods. In other words, Garlic is a taste enhancer and this again makes it highly demanded in all over the world. Garlic is used in different salty recipes along with being also commonly used in soups like the chicken, vegetable and corn ones. Due to the continuous and increasing demand of garlic, we often come to know that it becomes short and this often leads towards high Garlic prices in many parts of the world.

Garlic is grown in many parts of the world and the basic reason behind the price rise is not less growth but the reason is the high and persistent demand of Garlic in many parts of the world. The best way to avoid Garlic shortage is to grow it in houses.

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