How To Get Rid Of Garlic Breath

How to get rid of Garlic Breath: Modern and traditional methods you can count on

Past studies

Way back in 1936 the pursuit on how to get rid of garlic breath has already been part of the goals of scientists. According to their early studies, the garlic breath occurs as a result of the particles retained on the oral cavity. The best tool before was to gargle chloramine that contains chlorine. Surely, contradictions have been met from this initial finding and according to some experts; the only way to eliminate the garlic breath is to abstain from garlic (as well as onion). According to studies as early as the 1930’s, the “essential oils” found in garlic pass through the blood and then they are aerated into the lungs and are released when the person exhales. However, it is impossible to just stop eating garlic. As a popular ingredient in most delectable dishes, there must be another way to handle the situation.  


how to get rid of garlic breath

According to studies, the best method on how to get rid of garlic breath is milk. A test was conducted on subjects who eat raw and cooked cloves of garlic. After taking in milk, studies conclude that there was considerable reduction of the garlic compounds, giving the said plant its distinct and overwhelming smell.

Garlic contains a sulfur compound called allyl methyl sulfide and this compound cannot be broken down during digestion. Therefore, the body releases this compound through the person’s sweat glands and breath. That being said, brushing and gargling does not resolve anything though it may remove the extra funky smell that has stayed on the mouth.  

Milk, especially full fat milk has been proven to offer garlic breath reduction. The best way on how to get rid of garlic breath is to drink milk together with the meal rather than after eating. This will deodorize the breath and it will also help in making the flavor when eating. There are some other food options to consider like prunes and some varieties of mushrooms, but full fat milk is the best option. What if you are lactose intolerant? What if milk is not a great accompaniment of the meal? Let’s be honest, not everybody likes milk and no one wants garlic breath. How do we strike a balance? 

Herbs and spices

According to traditional medicine, chewing on parsley as well as mint can be used on how to get rid of garlic breath. This tradition has been done by people for thousands of years already. Parsley in particular is filled with chlorophyll and can be dipped in vinegar for greater effect. If you ingest parsley, the effects can last you a good time. They are not only good for good breath but they also minimize flatulence of the excessive formation of gas in the digestive tract and it also aids on digestion through fiber. So when you see that parsley garnished on your garlic-ed salad or meal, do not throw them for good. Set them aside and eat them once you are done with your meal. It gives you fresh breath that will last you hours. Of course, brushing your teeth will help remove any other residue on your mouth.

Garlic Is Good But Its Breath Is Not!

If you like hot and spicy food, especially that coming from the Asian countries, then you are bound to have eaten garlic as a part of the recipe of those dishes. Garlic provides a very good taste when in your mouth and also provides several different health benefits upon digestion but there is a downside to using garlic as well. It renders your breath very foul and the smell gets fouler as time passes, because the bacteria in your mouth make its smell fouler. You can as well guess what sort of impression you would have upon the people when you approach them with a garlic breath. You don’t want to offend the clients coming to do business worth millions with your organization.

If you do not know How To Get Rid Of Garlic Breath, then you are probably the most ill informed person on the face of the earth. There are a lot of ways that are available to get rid of garlic breath. You may use one of the traditional ways to get rid of garlic breath or the ones that are formulated as a result of modern science and technology.

The first answer to the question How To Get Rid Of Garlic Breath is by using herbs. In the olden days, when people ate garlic, they used parsley to combat the foul breath of garlic. It is readily available and also contains a lot of healthy chlorophyll due to which it serves as a good breath freshener. If you cannot find parsley, you can chew cardamom, cinnamon or mint and chew it in order to get a fresh mouth and refreshed breath.

The second answer on How To Get Rid Of Garlic Breath is to use lemon or lemon juice. Since lemon is acidic in nature and also possesses some active elements like florasan, its use after consuming garlic results in the person losing his garlic breath within a matter of minutes. Besides, lemon is also good for the lowering of cholesterol and is also readily available in every home.

Another answer to the problem of How To Get Rid Of Garlic Breath lies in a cup of hot tea, which rinses off all the remaining garlic from the teeth and mouth. If you can find green tea, it is most suitable for this purpose. Some restaurants now offer complementary cups of green, minted tea with dishes that contain garlic, so as to prevent their customers from getting a foul breath.

Yet another answer to this problem is to carry mints or mint flavored gum with you at all times. Whenever you eat a dish that contains garlic, take the gum out and chew it. It will release the mint or the mouth freshening agent in your mouth and will leave your breath refreshed for the coming time. Alternatively, you can use a good toothpaste or a mouth wash in order to clean your mouth after eating all that garlic. It will not only remove the garlic breath but also keep your mouth clean and healthy.