Grow Garlic

How to Grow Garlic from a Clove – The Basics of Growing Garlic

Garlic is not a difficult crop to grow. Only you need to know how to prepare soil and how to take care of the plants once they sprout. For your home consumption, you could easily grow a few beds of garlic with a little effort. The first step of how to grow garlic from a clove is to prepare soil. As garlic is a crop that is affected by free water, you need to have elevated beds to grow them if you are living in an area where there is a high rain fall.

When you plant garlic, you need to separate the cloves from the bulbs first. Each clove could be used to get one plant of garlic. When you separate the cloves it is of utmost importance that you don’t damage them. This is one of the most important aspects of how to grow garlic from a clove. Once you have your beds of soil ready, you could soak the cloves of garlic for a few minutes before planting them.

Afterwards you could plant the cloves at regular intervals of 3 to 4 inches in rows. If you have plenty of space, you could make the interval between two plants 5 to 6 inches in which case you have better space for them to grow. 

When you choose garlic for propagation, you need to find the best grown large bulbs. This will result in healthier plants and bigger bulbs at the time you harvest them. This also is an aspect you need to take care of when you think of how to grow garlic from a clove. Once the plants sprout, grass also tends to grow along with the plants of garlic. You must weed them out to prevent them from using up the natural fertilizer from the soil which is needed for the growth of your garlic plants.

Garlic needs a lot of sunlight to grow. Therefore, must have your beds of garlic in a place where direct sunlight is available in abundance. Also the soil has to be level to prevent accumulation of water. Make sure that the space between the rows need to be wide enough for you to walk through them as you need to walk in order to remove weeds and also to apply fertilizer.

Always use organic fertilizer as it is one of the important aspects of how to grow garlic from a clove. Many believe that garlic grown with organic fertilizer is better than what is grown with the use of chemical fertilizer on its medicinal value as well as the flavor and taste. 

When you plant the cloves of garlic at the onset of autumn you will be able to harvest it in early summer. Since dry weather prevails during that time of the year, you will find it easier to dry your harvested garlic and to make it ready for storage. Though it may not be enough for your consumption for all year round, for a few months you will be able to make your dishes with home grown garlic. Only you need to know how to grow garlic from a clove in order to do that.

The A to Z Of Growing Garlic

As garlic happens to be one of the frequently used herbs in cooking, it is needed by almost every household, probably on a weekly basis if not daily. That is why most of us have to visit the market and buy garlic along with other items of grocery. It is also a fact that most of the garlic that is available from the markets is grown in farms and is considered not so healthy by certain people. That is why they find it interesting to Grow Garlic of their own, one because it can be claimed to be organic and secondly, that one does not need professional farming skills in order to Grow Garlic.

May people who are interested in growing garlic do not even know How To Plant Garlic. They think that they will have a hard time finding garlic seeds and then turning them into saplings, which will then grow into garlic plants. How To Plant Garlic is not a big issue at all, for one does not have to find its seeds, rather use one of the garlic cloves and use it to grow your own garlic plants. All that is needed is a good pot with the proper soil essentials or a well-equipped hydroponics system. Thus, one can see the garlic growing scapes within a matter of days.

We will now shed some light on How To Grow Garlic From A Clove. It is not at all a complicated process and requires very basic gardening skills. First, take a pot and fill it with some soil. Then add mild fertilizers to it and water it so that the fertilizer can easily mix with the contents of the soil. Then take a clove of garlic and place it two inches deep in the soil, cover it and water it a little. Remember not to peel the clove, as it will then fail to grow. Put the pot where it can receive light, air and warmth, like in the balcony or under the growing shed.

After a week passes, you shall start to see small sapling taking their head out of the soil, and these will one day become large garlic scapes, which will then bear flowers and ultimately garlic bulbs. Now we come to Harvesting Garlic.

Harvesting Garlic is not a problem at all, if your garlic has grown to produce garlic bulbs. When the scapes bear flowers and they turn into bulbs, the first stage starts, in which the bulbs are white with a shade of red in them. As soon as they begin to plump out and the redness vanishes, it is a sign of the garlic being matured. As soon as the bulb turns into a yellowish white color, this means that the garlic is now ready to be harvested.

When To Plant Garlic is also an important factor, in that garlic can be planted either in the spring season or in the fall season. For spring, the time of late February to March is the best time and in the fall season, mid October to late November is the best season. These seasons are the best, as the cold and frost will do little damage to the garlic. And with the ‘When To Plant Garlic’ question answered, you have the A to Z of garlic completed!