Granulated Garlic

Granulated Garlic

Understanding powdered, toasted and regular granulated garlic: benefits for cooking

Do you know that garlic powders come in 3 forms? There is the regular Granulated Garlic, the roasted granulated version and the very fine, powdered form. If you like to cook standard cuisines and recipes, then the Granulated Garlic in regular form is the standard option for you. For the full flavor to be released, you need about 20 minutes of waiting time. Nonetheless, the flavor is mild to medium, so it offers just enough flavor and aroma to the dish. The roasted version fits in a more mellow and nutty flavor and aroma, a better substitute if you do not like intense garlic flavors. The powdered version is good for rubs or shakes and it releases the flavors a lot faster, though it is a mess to use.

The Granulated Garlic is a form of dehydrated garlic that was ground to different particle sizes. The flavors are kept intact but since the moisture is gone, you can keep it at home for a longer period of time. Also, a 1 pound granulated garlic is equal to 9 pounds of raw ones. The good news is that the flavors are kept intact. If it mixes with liquid, the flavors will rush back in like an electric charge. Most of these products can be purchased in pure form but the problem with that is they are subject to caking. Therefore, trace amounts of preservatives are included to ensure that the granulated or powdered form will remain the same no matter how long it is stored.

For general cooking, Granulated Garlic is a preference of many. However, depending on the dish, specific forms of garlic will be necessary, for soups, be it creamy or soup based will require powdered forms. If you want a milder flavor to the dish, or you will be cooking the food by steaming, a roasted garlic powder is the most applicable option. The Granulated Garlic in regular form is best for most meats and can be used also for barbecues and general grilling or roasting.

To make Granulated Garlic, the garlic is peeled and then cleaned. They are then placed on slow ovens and they stay there for 3 to 4 hours. Once the garlic has been dried up and transforms to a solid form, the garlic is now ground into specific particle sizes. It could be done by hand but it can also be done by machine. The garlic is also infused with some preservatives to prevent it from caking. Then, it is tested for moisture content. It should have very low to 0 moisture content to ensure that it will last for a long time. When water is introduced or any liquid for that matter, the flavors from the grains recover, making it flavorful and concentrated.

You should definitely take advantage of the Granulated Garlic. It is a really useful and practical ingredient if you are in a hurry and you want to use something that can make the dish fabulous without the stress and the nasty sticky liquid when crushing or handling the cloves.

You Can Use The Granulated Form

Garlic is a vegetable that belongs to the onion and chive family. It is always demanded in every part of the world. The high demand for Garlic is not due to a single reason but there are number of reasons for which it is demanded as we know that it serves as a multifunctional item. Garlic can be grown in house and if not then it is easily available from the market. Garlic may be purchased from the market in raw form or fresh form. If you want to save your time regarding the peeling and chopping of the Garlic cloves, then you have other options as well, which include buying the Garlic as Garlic powder, Garlic juice or Granulated Garlic. The basic taste of the Garlic is same but however due to varying forms, there may be differences in taste. This taste difference of varying Garlic forms make them suitable for different types of recipes and dishes. Apart from the powdered, granulated or juice forms, Garlic is also available in roasted form.

As we know that there are different types of recipes and dishes which demand differing taste of Garlic, so therefore if we want less acidic taste of Garlic, then it is better to buy and use roast form of Garlic. Garlic is a sharp taste vegetable and so in order to reduce the sharpness and acidity of taste, we should use roasted form because roasted form is less acidic and can be easily used in light recipes. But however if we require strong taste, then it is better to use non-roasted Granulated Garlic. We often have to peel and then mesh the Garlic or make small granules out of it before using it in any recipe or dish, and this may consume time. So therefore for the sake of ease and in order to save time, we can purchase Granulated Garlic instead of fresh raw Garlic.

The Granulated Garlic may be in raw form or roasted form, so the choice depends upon the consumer that whether he wants sharp taste in his or her recipe or wants a low touch of Garlic taste. It should be kept in mind that Garlic is full of benefits and advantages for the human health and those real benefits do not vanish if you purchase Garlic in some other form rather than fresh grocer store form, and so if this is the case then it is totally safe and good to buy Granulated Garlic. Although the taste of recipes may differ due to the use of Garlic in different forms but however this difference is not much.

All what the Granulated Garlic can do is that it saves you time as there is no need to peel the cloves and cut them in small pieces or mesh them. Granulated Garlic is just the powdered Garlic converted into granules. As we know that the powdered form of Garlic may get damp due to humidity in the air but Granulated Garlic is safe in this regard.


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