Garlic Toast

Garlic Toast

Garlic Toast Recipes for any skill level

The Garlic Toast is also known as the Texas Toast. It is a variation of the classic garlic bread. What is done in this recipe is the sides of a thick piece of bread is brushed with garlic and butter and then broiled until the surface becomes light brown. When it comes to the classic garlic bread, half a loaf of bread, normally French is spread with garlic butter mixture. The good thing about the prior recipe is that you can do individual or smaller servings. All you do is cover the bread with garlic butter, then broil to perfection. How hard could that be? Of course, let us put a little twist to the classic recipe!

In this first Garlic Toast variation, we will use French bread. Get some Parmesan cheese, chives, oregano, butter and garlic. You cut the bread in 1.5 inch thick slices and then cover the sides with the butter and spice mixture as well as the garlic and cheese. Place on a cookie sheet and bake it on a 400 degree heat till it is perfectly toasted for about 20 minutes. You might want to turn it on the other side when the midpoint reaches so that it will brown evenly on both sides.

The next Garlic Toast recipe can use either butter or margarine. Here, you need garlic salt and Parmesan cheese so you know it is quite basic. Again, take a slice of bread and evenly coat the sides with your choice of butter or margarine. Sprinkle the garlic salt and Parmesan cheese liberally on the surface of both sides. Broil it and wait at least 2 minutes till it is lightly browned.

Now, if you want another spice infused variation, let us take on parsley as the next new ingredient. Here, you get a slice of bread again and cover it with butter garlic and parsley mixture in room temperature. You will need 2 loaves this time. Once you place the butter on the side, put them back together again. Place the bread in an aluminum foil and bake it on a 350 degrees Fahrenheit temperature for around 15 to 20 minutes. Take it out from the oven and let it cool before unwrapping. Once you unwrapped it, you can now cut it and add some cheese. This is more similar to garlic bread. Nonetheless, it is still a nice recipe to make since it is very easy.

This last recipe is based on the ones we see in restaurants. You will need French bread, olive oil, butter, garlic, paprika, garlic salt, basil, parsley, Parmesan cheese and mozzarella. First, heat butter on a pan and add the oil, paprika, basil, garlic, salt and parsley. Once that is done, heat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and then prepare the bread slices by adding the butter mixture on the sides. Bake the bread till the exposed side is golden. Add some mozzarella and Parmesan afterwards. Place it again in the oven till the cheeses melted. Serve it warm with some nice onion soup.

The Toast Has Great Taste

Sometimes it may happen that a guest comes to your home and you cannot find any suitable thing in you house to serve your guest. On the other hand it may also happen that you are hungry and cannot find anything suitable in your house. So this situation seems embarrassing in the first case and seems teasing in the other case. But we can avoid these situations through Garlic Toast.

I think if you are unable to find anything suitable in your home to eat or serve it does not mean that you might not even have a bulb of Garlic with few bread loaves. Yes, the problem could be solved even with a few cloves of Garlic and some bread. Garlic Toast is not difficult to prepare at all as it gets ready in very little time and without any cost and effort. All you need to do is just get a few bread loaves and warm them in a pan. After this get some butter and spread it over the loaves. Then get some meshed Garlic cloves and paste or spread them over the buttered bread loaves along with some spices and salt. Now replace the loaves in the pan and heat them until the color of the spread Garlic paste becomes brown. Now the Garlic Toast recipe is ready to serve and eat. If you are a high blood pressure patient or have a high blood cholesterol level, then you can avoid the addition of salt and can use less butter content.

As we know that Garlic is very good for health purposes so any recipe made from Garlic is beneficial for health and is free of unwanted effects. Garlic Toast recipe is also free from any adverse body or health effects because it does not contain any high fats and oils. The use of Garlic in Garlic Toast recipe makes it good for the digestive system as well and therefore you will not feel any disturbance in your stomach after eating the Garlic Toast recipe. The regular or timely use of Garlic toast recipe is also good for the diabetes patients due to the fact that Garlic is very good to control the blood sugar and insulin level. Through continuous use of the Garlic Toast recipe you can also avoid certain types of cancers as Garlic is also well recommended by doctors in certain cancer cases. Garlic Toast recipes are also a good source of energy and warmth as the overall body effects of Garlic is warm.

Another that we would like to tell is that Garlic Toast recipe could also be prepared through some other methods but the overall nutrition and taste is similar, however some variation in taste may differ due to different ingredients being used. Garlic Toast recipe can be used with vegetable and chicken soups as well as we can also use it with evening tea. I think you would never have seen such an easy recipe and requiring such few and ordinary ingredients that are easily available in your house.


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