Garlic Soup Recipe

A hearty, easy garlic soup recipe to appease everybody

Garlic soup is a very hearty and garlic filled recipe that is great for any garlic aficionados. It is a very nice recipe and across different countries, there is a unique variation of the classic dish. If you want an Easy Garlic Soup Recipe, you can find a lot of amazing basic options across the web. However, it would be fun to know how different cultures create variations of this lovely recipe. Let us tackle 3 unique variations of garlic soup and how they are different from each other while at the same time, offering that same level of appreciation of the proud garlic.

Spanish Garlic Soup

If you want a rustic, straightforward yet heartwarming soup, you will definitely love this recipe inspired by philosopher George Santayana. First, you will need 2 heads of garlic with the cloves already separated and peeled. Next, you will need 2 Tbsp of olive oil. You will also need hot water and some salt for flavor. You will also need French bread. As an optional addition to the straightforward Easy Garlic Soup Recipe, you can add 4 eggs as well as 4 slices of cheese to give some hearty surprise especially for the kids who might be overpowered by the garlic.

First, the garlic should be fried on the olive oil till they are crisp. Take the larger pieces away from the pan. Add the bread and hot water put some salt for flavor. Using a ladle, stir and put it to 4 bowls evenly. Break an egg on each bowl and stir the soup. Add some additional cheese and eat it with bread if you want.

French garlic Soup

You want more class and panache in your cooking of an Easy Garlic Soup Recipe? Take this recipe from Provence and enjoy. Get 4 garlic heads and then cut them in half horizontally, exposing the meat, but do not remove the skin. Put a generous amount of olive oil on a hot pan and then place the flat side on the pan surface. Keep it on low heat and roast for about an hour. It will be ready if the cover is easily separated from the meaty part. Put some flour on the mixture and mix them all together.

The oil is not also infused with the garlic flavor. When mixed thoroughly, fry it for a little bit. Add some stock or hot water (1 quart). Make sure that the mixture of garlic, oil and flour is smooth. Add some thyme and let it simmer for 20 minutes. Break down a very thin noodle. It could be angel hair or something very light. Plate it and you are ready for a nice hearty dish.

Roasted Garlic Soup

This last dish is a truly Easy Garlic Soup Recipe and it takes only 20 minutes of cooking time. You need butter, garlic, onions, potatoes, milk, some stock and pepper for taste. First, you heat the pan and let the oil simmer for the garlic to cook and turn into a golden brown color. Add onions till soft and the potatoes up until they are generally cooked but not burned. Add the milk and stock afterwards and let it boil till the potatoes have fully cooked. You place it on a blender and pulse it to become creamy and smooth. Add some parsley and pepper for flavor.

The Tasty And Easy To Make Recipe

Soups are always considered to be the best source of heat energy and nutrition for us. Soup is not just soup but has a variety of types ranging from vegetable soups to meat soups. As far as vegetable soup is concerned, it is considered to be the best source of vitamins and minerals free from any fat only contents. Where there is need for proteins and energy, then chicken and other meat soups are considered to be best. Out of the varying types and forms of soup recipes, Garlic Soup Recipe is one.

Garlic is very good for the human body and health due to the fact that it contains certain chemicals and substances that immediately act upon the human blood flow and tissues. As time passes on we can see that we are moving towards more and more use of fast foods full of oils and fats which ultimately lead towards high blood pressure problems and high blood cholesterol issues.

Garlic is best recommended to high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol patients and we can take Garlic in the form of Garlic Soup Recipe in order to have a normal blood circulation along with controlled blood cholesterol and blood pressure. Garlic Soup Recipe is not complicated or difficult to prepare, all we need to make Garlic Soup Recipe is to follow a set of basic steps.

Garlic Soup Recipe is more highly demanded in cold regions as it is considered to be the best source of body warmth and energy. Garlic Soup Recipe may be enjoyed with fried sea food which makes it more tasty and delicious. Although there are different methods to prepare Garlic Soup Recipe but normally the major ingredients to be used along with Garlic are the onion, peppers and tomatoes. Garlic Soup Recipe is very easy and simple to prepare as it does not take much time or does not require much items in ordered to be prepared.

Garlic Soup Recipe is always tasty, no matter which method you used to prepare it, as Garlic is something that always adds taste towards any recipe. Garlic Soup Recipe can easily be enjoyed with bread only, because it itself seems a completely balanced food in terms of diet as well as full taste.

Apart from the great taste and the ease of preparation, Garlic Soup Recipe is also good to control insulin in the human body, due to which it is also considered to be the best in order to avoid or control diabetes. We can also control certain types of cancers if we regularly use the Garlic Soup Recipe within reasonable quantity.

Garlic Soup Recipe is also very good for the digestive system as it helps the digestive system to easily digest the food. Apart from the food digestion, other gastric issues can also be controlled through the regular use of Garlic Soup Recipe. Those people who avoid salt due to high blood pressure, can prepare Garlic Soup Recipe without adding any salt and this makes the Garlic Soup Recipe more beneficial and good for health.


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