Garlic Seeds

Planting 101: Propagating your Garlic Seeds

Do you know that a clove of garlic is equivalent to a seed? A whole garlic bulb is a clustered piece of garlic seeds and they are used readily to grow garlic on your garden. In fact, according to many gardening aficionados, garlic is a good plant to start growing if you are a beginner since there is little mistake that you can do. Before you start getting your garlic seeds, you need to be aware of some methods people use in growing their garlic.

garlic seeds

Traditional methods of growing garlic will demand one garlic clove per plot. Each plot should be carefully spaced with the garlic carefully implemented to prevent bruising. When harvest time arrives, one garlic clove will result to one garlic head. In a stricter, professional view, planting in the garden takes more considerations since the garlic is at the mercy of the changing environment. The cloves should be separated and soaked in water before placing on the ground. The clove should be placed on the soil and buried with soil. Lightly tap it and do not compact the clove too much.

In watering the garlic seeds, you will have to wait before the seeds have germinated and the sprouts have grown considerably above the ground. Do not wet it with water or else, it will inhibit the growth of the leaves. Make sure that you just lightly drizzle with water. Another way is to not plant the seeds where the sun directly grows. This might be too much heat for the seeds to germinate and develop and the rapid evaporation can also cause the seeds to wither and die.  

General consensus on the time of planting garlic seeds is during fall. When you grow the seeds in fall, you can harvest them on spring or summer. As the plant starts to grow and the bulb forms as well, loosen the soil around it so that it can normally grow.

There are some farmers that go against the traditional ways of planting these seeds. Some gardeners plant whole bulbs days before winter time. Come spring, when you check on your bulbs again, you will find that they have grown to a thick cluster of ready to plant garlic plants. You can take them apart and grow them individually afterwards. Do not worry, the “cloves” that have grown can be easily separated from each other and they are very robust. It is important that the ground is rich and is applicable for growing.

There are some important considerations when planting garlic seeds. One is the weather and the next one is demand for a specific variety. Weather can determine what variety will yield the best results. The variety of garlic varies. There are different varieties that grow better in warmer climates and the other way around. It is also important to know what is most appealing for culinary purposes. The artichoke garlic, for example, is a very common variety and you see them in most groceries.

Something About Garlic And Garlic Seeds

Garlic is highly demanded in nearly all parts of the world due to the fact that it is a taste enhancer and is commonly used in cooking. Food without Garlic is not considered to be any food at all in many parts of the world. All the restaurants and houses are never short of Garlic as we all know that there is no food without Garlic. Garlic Seeds are basically the Garlic cloves themselves. In other words, Garlic do not hava any seed looking thing to work as Garlic Seeds but the cloves themselves serve as Garlic Seeds. The high demand for garlic often makes it very high priced and sometimes short.

If we take a look at the Asian countries we can see that Garlic is considered to be very basic and necessary for cooking. In other words, in these countries, Garlic has the same position and importance like salt. In these countries people do not even imagine to cook food without salt as well as the garlic. The best way to overcome the shortage and high prices of Garlic is to grow it in house. Garlic cloves can easily be sowed as Garlic Seeds. It is not much difficult to sow Garlic Seeds but however care needs to be taken during sowing the Garlic Seeds. The Garlic Seeds after been sown take ten to fifteen days in order to produce the initial sapling. Again care is required after the saplings have been initiated regarding the proper and timely water and nutrient supply.

The Garlic sapling may take three to four months in order to produce and make ready the Garlic bulbs. These Garlic bulbs after been removed from the plant are ready to use and ready to sell if you have grown them for commercial purposes. As there is some risk involved in the quality of Garlic cloves to be used for growth, so nowadays we can easily purchase better quality Garlic Seeds from reputed suppliers and this will reduce and minimize the risk of any loss. Commercial growers and producers also export garlic Seeds to different parts of the world. Garlic farming on commercial basis is also considered to be a good business by many people, as they know the high prices of garlic in many countries of the world will never let their business down. On the other hand, governments of different countries should also play their role regarding the supply of better quality Garlic Seeds and the price control as this is vital for the overall economic growth of a nation.