Garlic Scapes

Garlic Scapes Recipes – The way to enjoy Garlic Scapes as Food

The time of the year garlic scapes recipes become available is early summer when garlic scapes appear. Scape is the stalk that ends up with the flower. Both the stalk and the flower are edible and a lot of recipes are available for the preparation of it as a food with a taste of its own. They could be added into pasta, sandwiches, salads and even breads. If you want to preserve the garlic scapes you could simply wash it mince it and put it in a bag before freezing.

Many house wives believe that when you use them in garlic scapes recipes garlic scapes should be either mildly cooked or they should be used raw. In the raw form garlic scapes are very good when added into tuna or chicken salad. You could even scatter it into hot rice or over a salad. They are also good as a base for pesto. You could create good garlic scapes recipes with the use of tomatoes but the tomatoes are not available at the time the garlic scapes appear. But you could wait for the tomato season arrives as garlic scapes could wait in the freezer.

fresh garlic scapes

For best garlic scapes recipes they should be cut when younger. Cutting them while they are still young will not harm the garlic bulb. Instead it will grow better. The young garlic scapes are used as toppings the same way the scallions are used. In case you do not grow them in your garden you could buy your garlic scapes in a farm shop. One good advantage with garlic scapes recipes is that they provide you with the garlic flavor and taste to a great extent but they never cause that garlic smell.  

Since garlic scapes are available only for a short time of the year you could enjoy these garlic scapes recipes only during that time. There is no way that you could preserve it for a long time either. One good way to cook garlic scapes is to pair it with something else. One good way is to cook it along with chard. However while raw the scapes have a mild garlic flavor but when you cook it in garlic scapes recipes you lose the flavor. Chinese cabbage is one more vegetable to pair with garlic scapes.

Many house wives do not use garlic scapes in specific recipes but they use a little of it with any recipe. It adds the intended flavor. Many experienced cooks with this delicious additive advise that when you use it as a vegetable and not as a seasoning. Then you will get its real taste and the flavor. Cook them mildly and you will preserve the flavor and taste.

If you make a sweet chili and chicken stir-fry and use a mild sauce with Chinese cabbage as the major vegetable, you could use garlic scapes to good effect. You must cut them in one inch to one inch and a quarter long pieces and throw them in to end up with a delicacy.  

When we talk of the garlic herb as a whole, the two things that come immediately into the mind are garlic bulbs and Garlic Scapes. These are the two integral parts of the garlic plant, as the garlic bulb represents the fruit that is born by the plant and the Garlic Scapes are basically stems that do not bear leaves and are rather like leaves in themselves, with the main exception that they also bear flowers, which then transform into garlic bulbs and finally into the ripe garlic.

The garlic is then broken off and is used as a herb in dishes, breads and also in clinical remedies and medicine of both herbal and clinical nature.

When we talk of a Garlic Scape, it is not just part of a plant but rather a stalk that is also put into good use in culinary dishes. The Garlic Scape has some very good nutritious characteristics and is also quite tasty. Besides the fact that it provides a lot of pectin, rennin and other active antioxidants to the person eating it, it is also pulpy and juicy in nature. This makes it ideal to be used in different types of dishes that are suited to the needs and tastes of different people.

A Garlic Scape could be eaten in its raw form as part of a vegetable or fruit salad, blended with garlic and put in with flour in order to make a garlic bread or could also be used in omelets or for that matter, deep fried in order to have crisp and crunchy Garlic Scapes.

Different types of Garlic Scapes Recipes exist all around the world, as this part of garlic is eaten by almost all. If we take a look at the Garlic Scapes Recipes from Asia, they focus around taking fresh garlic scapes and either eating them as part of the salad, with fresh garlic cloves that have not yet ripened or picking fresh scapes and then cutting them into small pieces and then boiling them, to finally fry them in light oil and other spices, so as to be eaten with bread. But one dish has specifically topped the charts when it comes to making a dish out of garlic scapes, and that is known as the Garlic Scapes Pesto.

This dish originated from Brazil and then took the whole world just like a wild fire. Its one of the most liked Garlic Scape Dishes around the world. Let us now see how a Garlic Scapes Pesto with Almond is made. First of all, you have to take ten Garlic Scapes and chop them finely. You should also have half a cup Parmesan that has been finely grated and one-third a cup of almonds.

You need about half a cup of olive oil and salt to taste, although sea salt would make it a lot better. You should now put all of the ingredients in the blender and blend for about two minutes and your Garlic Scapes Pesto is ready. You can also do it with a mortar and pestle in the traditional way, as some people prefer its texture and wholesomeness.