Garlic Rice

garlic rice

Garlic Rice – A Dish that goes with any other Main Dish

When it comes to side dishes garlic rice pilaf could go with any dish. In order to make it, you never need to buy any ingredients. Probably you have all of them at your home. As for making it, if you know how to cook rice, you will learn how to cook it easily. Since you never need to do any work, when you prepare the rice you could concentrate on the main dish while the rice is being cooked. Since the rice is toasted before cooking it adds a nutty flavor. Also you could add an extra clove of garlic if you like the rice to have a stronger flavor.


The main ingredient is a cup of rice of the long grain variety and also you need two table spoons of butter, four cloves of minced and pressed garlic, two and a half cups of chicken broth, half a tea spoonful of salt, half a teaspoonful of pepper and juice of half a lemon. Have all these ingredients at hand before you start the preparation process to make things easier.

Directions for preparation

Have your oven preheated to 375°C before you start the process and keep a casserole by the side of the stove. Melt the butter in a medium sized saucepan under high heat. When the butter melts, add the rice and the garlic. While stirring cook until both are brown in color. This will take 3 to 4 minutes. Now, add one cup of chicken broth and bring the content to boil. Pour the entire mixture into the casserole and leave in the oven. Cover it and cook for 25 minutes. When the cooking is complete, take the dish out of the oven and add the balance 1½ cups of chicken broth. After mixing everything, cover the dish again and bake for a further 45 minutes. Remember to squeeze the lemon juice 15 minutes before the time is up for removal from the oven.

In order to ensure that the broth doesn’t get evaporated before the rice is cooked, you need to have an oven safe lid to your casserole. In the absence of such a lid, you could also use aluminum foil, which serves the purpose to a great extent.

This particular type of garlic rice is called the garlic rice pilaf. There are many other varieties of garlic rice especially Indian varieties. They recommend the use of basmati rice for this preparation. That is also long grain rice. Therefore, using basmati rice is almost the same as using any other long grain rice. In the Indian varieties of garlic rice, they use a lot of other ingredients in order to give additional flavors and tastes. Some of the other ingredients they use are the green chilies, resins and cashew nuts. In addition to that they use their own mixtures of spice combinations available in powder form. When it comes to taste, all these different recipes have their own tastes and flavors. Different people prefer these different tastes and flavors.

Enjoy The Garlic Rice

When it comes to describing the different legumes and lentils that are used as food, not mentioning rice would be a serious mistake. This is because rice is one such item that forms part of the staple diet of most people around the world. This is because of its easy availability in most parts of the world and also of is high nutritive value to its users. Since rice is rich in carbohydrates, it can be used to feed a whole family, a task that it seldom achieved by other foodstuffs.

People living in different parts of the world cook rice in a way that is distinct to their culture and heritage. If you go to the African countries, the people prefer boiled rice or roasted rice with minimal spices. But in India, it is completely the opposite. Rice cooked over there is in two different forms: one that is sweet and full of dry fruit, while the other form is spicy, either cooked in chicken or mutton. If we then come to the Western world, we find different types of rice, from boiled rice, to sweet rice, rice cakes and Garlic Rice.

Garlic Rice originally came from brazil, where people used the recipe in order to add a little strong taste to their rice. It has since then been in use in the western countries. In order to cook yourself some Garlic Rice, you will need the following ingredients: two cups of medium grain, uncooked rice (don’t use the instant cook rice), three or four cloves of garlic, one tablespoon of canola oil, and salt to taste. Here is how you should cook your Garlic Rice.

First of all, wash the rise and then let it dry, draining as much water as is possible. You can chop the garlic during the period when the rice is draining. Then, take a pan and place it over medium heat and heat in the oil. Then put the garlic in it until it turns light brown. Add rice to the pan and stir the mixture until all the rice is covered with the garlic and oil mixture. Now add water in a sufficient quantity until it is an inch above the rice. To it, add about one teaspoon full of salt, or as much as it suits your taste. Cover the pan with a lid and let it cook on low heat for about twenty minutes. After some time, check the rice with a rice paddle to check if the rice has been cooked. Do not stir the rice, as its grains will tend to break off, instead, fluff it a little at a time. Put back the cover and the cut the heat off and leave in the contents for about five minutes. And your Garlic Rice is now ready to be served to our guests or family members. This is just another way to cook great rice. If you wish you can serve it with other vegetable dishes, or even with roasted meat to be put on top of it. Garlic Rice will truly add to your lunch or dinner’s flavor.


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