Garlic Peeler

Garlic Peeler – An essential piece of Kitchen Equipment

Due to the popularity of garlic as a food ingredient, it is used in every household for a plethora of dishes. However, garlic has a stubborn skin which refuses to budge easily. Really it has two skins; the thick one you see outside and the thin one that is adhering to the flesh. This situation makes you look for a garlic peeler. You get many of them but a simple one for home use is a flexible tube into which you insert one clove of garlic at a time and roll it with some pressure. This simple garlic peeler is able to separate the skin from the clove of garlic effortlessly.

garlic peeler

One thing you need to do is to separate each of the cloves of garlic before they are being peeled. If necessary you could do the cleaning also beforehand. However, the garlic you get in the super market is clean. There is another type of garlic peeler you could use in the kitchen. In addition to the peeler it has a grater also. This peeler removes the skin and also grates the garlic at the same time. When you use one of these peelers what you get is ready to cook stuff.

If you want to purchase a simple garlic peeler for your kitchen, you could walk into any kitchen equipment shop in your locality and buy one. The one that does only peeling of the skin will cost around $8 and you could buy it in one of the many colors. The one that is able to do the grating also for you is a bit expensive. Usually, the flexible basic peeler is made of silicon and is durable.

In place of a garlic peeler you could use a garlic press also as it is able to serve the same purpose. Made out of stainless steel it works on the same principle as a pair of pliers. When you press the two handles together it crushes the clove of garlic. When you press it further the garlic press is able to press it.

A simple garlic peeler is not suitable for kitchens of restaurants and hotels. They use the motor driven mechanized peelers to peel garlic. Into these machines you need to feed the garlic cloves and the machines will remove the skin and will output the cloves of garlic that are not damaged. They could be even washed afterwards as the garlic clove is not damaged. You get these machines with different capacities. Some of them do the peeling in batches while there are others that are able to work in a continuous run.

Most of the machines are not able to break the bulb of garlic into cloves. Therefore, you need to break them into cloves before feeding them into the machines. However, there are others that could take in the garlic bulbs and break them into cloves before removing the peel. All these different types of instruments are available with many online companies that market these products. If you want a garlic peeler, online shop is a better place to buy it.

The Small Tool Does Big

Science and technology has grown and advanced so much that we can find everything even to do our normal domestic daily life jobs. While talking about normal daily life domestic jobs, there are certain tasks that we often perform but still those tasks seem difficult for us to do. One such task out of the many daily ones is the peeling of Garlic Cloves. Although peeling the Garlic cloves is a routine nature daily task but many people are unable to do it as it seems difficult to them. The invention of the Garlic Peeler has made this task very easy for us.

Garlic Peeler is a simple kitchen tool that easily peels the Garlic cloves in no time. Many people, especially ladies get skin or nail energy if they peel the Garlic manually while some of our female fellows have very long nails and due to this they feel difficulty in peeling the Garlic cloves. So this simple, small and easy to use tool known as Garlic Peeler has made it very easy and simple for many people to do this task of garlic clove peeling.

Unlike many other devices and tools, it is very easy to use the Garlic Peeler without much effort. As we know that Garlic has too many health benefits and advantages due to which it is very highly demanded in different parts of the world. No salty dish or recipe seems to be complete without the use of Garlic as it serves as a great taste enhancer. The increasing demand of Garlic has also lead towards high demand for the Garlic peeler as well. So the Garlic Peeler manufacturers may find it as a very good business. Like some other manual tools, garlic peeler also does not require any electricity to be operated with.

All we need to do regarding the application of Garlic Peeler is just to put the separated Garlic cloves in the peeler and then start rolling it back and forth unless we hear a sound from within the peeler which indicates that the cloves have been peeled. After we hear the sound, we just need to take the peeled Garlic cloves out of the Garlic Peeler from the other end. 

Garlic Peeler is similar to an open pipe in shape. The pipe seems open from both ends as we put the cloves from one end and then take them out from the other end. The length of a normal Garlic Peeler is nearly of a human hand. The small size of the Garlic Peeler makes it very easy to be placed in the kitchen anywhere.

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