Garlic Noodles

Garlic Noodles

Unique garlic noodles recipes made easy

Do you want a classic dish of Garlic Noodles? It is a very easy dish in theory but of course, we can make it complicated for the novelty of it all. This is a very nice dish to have and there are some unique variations that can be quite Western in concept and one in a more Asian flair. Let us enjoy how to make this delectable noodle dish!

Let us start with the easy one. In this particular recipe, you will need 1 pack of white noodles. You also need butter, some Parmesan cheese, mushroom, parsley and the garlic. Make it 3 cloves of the said ingredient. Crush the garlic and place it on the pan with heated melted butter. Add the mushrooms and then the parsley. Saute the mixture for about 20 minutes. Get your noodles and let them soften until soft with a little bit of bite. Drain it and then add the mixture and place some cheese. There, it is all ready for you to enjoy.

Let us go now to something more unique and Asian. This Vietnamese Garlic Noodles recipe is actually a crossover or a mixture of Western aspects to something quite Asian in concept. This particular recipe was created by the An Family and they are extremely protective over their recipes. This has garnered them a lot of marketing. Let us unearth how the family might have done their own recipe and take it as close as possible to how it tasted.

First, you have to mash the garlic. You can use the flat side of the knife or use a garlic press to easily mince it to fine pieces. One tip when cooking the garlic is to mix it with some water so that it will not brown faster than how you would want it. For the actual recipe, we will need pasta linguine, dry sherry, seasoning sauce, butter (unsalted), mashed garlic with a bit of water and salt. The first thing to do is put some water on a large pot and place some salt to the boiling water. Add your linguine until it is tender, a notch further than the traditional al dente. Get some of the water and reserve it. Drain the pasta and let it sit without running water to it.

On the water that you just reserved, place the sherry and seasoning sauce and set it aside. Get your skillet and turn it to medium high heat and place your butter. Place the garlic on the melted butter. Stir frequently for about 2 minutes until the garlic has softened and the aroma is already changing. Add the liquid with sherry and seasoning sauce and let it boil. Raise it to high heat and then include the pasta. Your aim is to reduce the liquid and make it saucy, allowing the pasta to absorb the flavors. The skillet should virtually not have any excess liquids left at the end of the process. Take it away from heat and add some salt to taste. Put in 4 bowls and then serve it while it is hot.

The Delicious and Nutritious Recipe

We can see different types of recipes all around us. As time passes on, we can see more and more recipes coming in our notice. So if anyone is interested to cook and eat new, then all he or she needs to do is just buy a recipe book and choose any recipe of his or her choice and just start making it through following the mentioned methods and steps. So from this we can feel that making any new recipe is not difficult but we should never forget one thing that every recipe might not be good for health. So cooking and taste alone are not sufficient for any recipe but the nutrition and nutrition values are much more important to be considered. Garlic Noodles recipe is also one of the nutritious and tasty recipes.

When we talk about nutrition and health then it is important to mention that Garlic is a type of vegetable which serves the dual purpose. On one hand Garlic is highly demanded due to the fact that it adds great taste to any recipe while on the other side Garlic has too many medical functions as well. So if we have such a wonderful and nutritious item like Garlic, then I think it would be more better to learn about and use the Garlic related recipes, like Garlic Noodles. Garlic Noodles are full of taste and delicacy. More what makes Garlic Noodles highly demanded and preferable is the fact of nutrition and health present in this Recipe. So why not try Garlic Noodles if we want taste and nutrition at a time.

Garlic Noodles are not difficult to prepare. All we need in the preparation of Garlic Noodles is the use of right items in the appropriate mix along with following the basic steps to prepare. The major components we require for Garlic Noodles are the Spaghetti noodles, butter, basil, Garlic cloves meshed properly, brown sugar, Soya sauce and oyster sauce. In the first phase of garlic Noodles preparation, we need to boil the noodles in a pan. The second phase involves frying the Garlic alone in butter over the heat pan. In the third step, we mix the Soya sauce, oyster sauce and brown sugar with the fried Garlic in the same pan. After this we need to add the noodles in this mixture and stir for a minute or two. After following these steps, delicious Garlic Noodles are ready to serve and eat. As we know that there are high blood pressure and high cholesterol patients as well, so we can add the salt and butter content accordingly.

The tasty Garlic Noodles can be used with soup and salad as well. The presence of Garlic in the Garlic Noodles make them nutritious and very good for the health as we know that Garlic is a medicine as well. So do not worry about any unwanted side effects while enjoying the delicious Garlic Noodles. There are some other methods to prepare Garlic Noodles as well and every method has it’s own great taste.


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