Garlic Mayonnaise recipe

Garlic Mayonnaise

Garlic Mayonnaise Recipe – The way to add Garlic in your Mayonnaise

History of Mayonnaise sauce

Mayonnaise which is also called the alioli sauce has had its birth in Cataluna, Spain. Later it has spread all over Spain and now it has ended up in the US. It is a very popular spread on bread and a dip for vegetables. The name has developed from “all” which is the Catalan term for garlic and “oli” the one for oil. So, you know why mayonnaise is so popular in Spain. Presently Mayonnaise sauce is a base for variety of sources. Garlic Mayonnaise sauce is one of them.


It is obvious that you could make a mayonnaise sauce recipe starting with mayonnaise which you could buy in the market or you could start from scratch and make your own recipe. Though it is easier and shorter process to make it from what is available in the grocery store, they have all kinds of preservatives. Therefore, it is always better to start from scratch and make your own garlic mayonnaise. You could find a good garlic mayonnaise recipe in the Internet or in a cookbook.


The basic ingredients used in any garlic mayonnaise recipe are the garlic, egg yolk, sunflower oil or olive oil. Also you could have lemon juice or vinegar. Since oil and the other material will not combine egg is used as the emulsifier to facilitate the process of combination. Since egg yolk has lecithin it is able to combine oil with other ingredients. One thing you need to be careful with eggs is that there could be salmonella infection in them. In order to be on the safe side you must choose fresh eggs. Also you must not keep the finished garlic mayonnaise for more than three days even in the fridge. It is the elderly and the children who are the most susceptible for the disease.


Preparation of garlic mayonnaise is easy once you have the garlic mayonnaise recipe. The first thing you need is to beat the egg yolk nicely and have it in a bowl. Then take your oil in a jug. While still whisking you need to add oil drop by drop. If you add too much at a time, the oil will tend to separate. When you go on adding oil the oil will start binding quicker. When this happens you could add oil at a better rate. Usually by this time half the oil is gone. Add the other half a bit faster and complete binding. When you are adding the latter half of oil you could add your lemon juice and vinegar also alternatively in to the oil. Once all the oil, vinegar and lemon juice is incorporated, you could add your garlic made into a paste according to your garlic mayonnaise recipe. Now your garlic mayonnaise is ready and what you need to do is to leave it in a dish and cool. This homemade garlic mayonnaise will stay in the fridge for two days. Therefore, when you make fresh garlic mayonnaise, you must not make too much. Only make what you will finish in two day’s time.

Make Your Own Garlic Mayonnaise

If you are a person who likes to use Garlic Mayonnaise in the daily cooking, there is no need to go to the supermarket and buy a pack of Garlic Mayo since you can now make it at your own home by following a simple Garlic Mayonnaise Recipe. This has several advantages for you. The first one is that you do not have to visit the market to buy the Garlic Mayonnaise very often, the second one is that it costs cheaper to make it at home rather than buy it off the shelf, the third one is that since you are the maker, you know exactly what goes into the making of the mayo and are sure that there are no harmful preservatives or other chemical agents inside and the fourth one is that you can make your own fresh Garlic Mayo whenever you need it, instead of opening the Garlic Mayonnaise bottle and then storing it in the refrigerator for days with the worry that harmful bacteria might have grown inside.

As a start, the best Garlic Mayonnaise Recipe to follow is the Aioli Garlic Mayonnaise Recipe, which is by far the most comprehensive and delicious recipe to be followed. It basically originated from France and was liked by the people so much that it almost spread like wild fire. In order to make it, you will need eight cloves of garlic, which need to be fairly sized, half a teaspoon sea salt, two large eggs, and one hundred and fifty milliliters of extra virgin olive oil.

Here is how you should go about making your own Garlic Mayonnaise. First take a pestle and mortar, or if you don’t have those, the common blender will do fine. Start to pound (or blend) the garlic, together with the salt and pepper, and during the pounding, add a little olive oil every now and then in order to keep the mixture moistened. Then, when the mixture has become a smooth paste, start to add the egg yolks and then start the pounding again, so that they mix completely with the garlic paste. Now slowly add the rest of the olive oil and stir the mixture properly during the process, as if you are making the mayonnaise. Keep on doing so until the mixture becomes a thick and consistent emulsion. Now take some lemons and extract the juice out of them. Add this juice to the emulsion according to your taste and there you have your Garlic Mayonnaise ready for use. You may prefer to keep it in a cupboard or the refrigerator, as you please.

The Garlic Mayo is usually served with dishes that are made of seafood, or with fish soup, where it releases its distinct flavor. Alternatively, it an be used on bread, to be eaten with a puree or a soup or applied in burgers as a foundation on which to serve chicken, mutton, beef or fish patties, as the case may be. Whatever ways it is served in, it always brings a real nice experience to the user. So do try this recipe at home.


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