Garlic Juice

Garlic Juice

The unlikely juice: the benefits of garlic juice for food and health

Garlic Juice is the extract taken from garlic cloves/heads. The extract is taken using a cold press method where the raw garlic is crushed and then strained over a very fine sieve. The extracted juice is placed on a glass bottle in order to retain its freshness and prevent the smell to linger on the inside once the extract has been used. Plastic is not an ideal container for health reasons and because the juice can stick and make it not useful anymore for other juices or ingredients.

Culinary benefits of garlic juice

The extract of the garlic cloves is less bitter compared to the meaty part. Also, the cloves, when heated, can burn easily, affecting the flavor of the oil. Some people like the aroma of sweet garlic extract when cooked and some do not like the actual flavor of the meaty part. By substituting garlic oil, one can minimize the unsavory flavor that others associate with garlic. This is a great way to capture the garlic flavor while ensuring that the dish is really flavorful, complete and aromatic. You can extract the garlic on your own on the day of the cooking so that you can get the purest form of garlic juice that you need.

Healing benefits of garlic juice

As we all know, when garlic is considered as a wonder-food. The sulfur-based allicin is responsible for the pungent smell of garlic but it is also an ingredient that helps the body to fight diseases and strengthen immunity. According to scientific studies, garlic can help improve cardiovascular health. It is a blood thinner so always ask the help of an expert if you intend to use garlic juice since this is a concentrated solution. Aside from improving cardiovascular health, it can also improve the immunity of the person and minimize the risks of cancer. Common diseases and symptoms of colds and flu can also shorten. According to a study that contains a control (garlic juice) group and placebo group, a higher percentage of participants were able to evade possible colds or shorten the symptoms.

The topical benefits of garlic juice

If you take the garlic juice and place if on areas where fungal infection can occur, the antibacterial properties of the concentrate can help in the speedy healing of the person. If the juice is mixed with another natural antibiotic, which is honey, inflammations caused by acne can minimize. In some cases, the marks and scars caused by acne wounds can also be addressed as long as you use this juice. However, like any other topical products used on the skin, it would be best to do some patch testing. Though might be able to eat garlic, if you have very sensitive skin, you might react negatively to the garlic concentrate even if it is natural. You might need to dilute it or mix it with other products for better results.

As you can see, garlic is a very powerful and versatile product and therefore, you should take advantage of its benefits. Never mind the pungent smell, there is always a way to fix garlic breath.

Always Use The Garlic Juice

Garlic adds great taste to many of our recipes and dishes including soups. Without Garlic addition, the recipe or dish gives no taste and delicacy. Garlic not only gives us great taste but is important for many other diseases and health problems. Those people who are suffering from the problems of high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels, can use Garlic Juice as the best remedy. Garlic could be stored and kept in house in the form of Garlic juice. Garlic juice is not only corrective remedy but can also be used as a preventive remedy.

Apart from being stored as Garlic Juice, it can also be stored in the form of Garlic juice or Garlic pickle, but however the most suitable or best form to store Garlic is as Garlic Juice. Apart from being used as the best remedy for high blood pressure and high cholesterol level, Garlic Juice could also be used for those who are suffering from heart related diseases or having any blood clot or blockage in the brain. Garlic Juice also serves best as the source of warmth and heat energy in the winter seasons or in those areas where the temperature is very low. The use of Garlic Juice in winter season or in cooler regions gives good warmth and heat to the body. Garlic Juice could also be used in chicken corn or vegetable soups because it contributes a lot in making taste in soups. Garlic Juice is also used in frying the seafood like fish, crab legs and prawns etc.

Those foods or recipes that can have the chance of causing smell can be well dealt by using Garlic Juice as Garlic is the best way to cope with smell leaving foods like fish etc.

Another point about Garlic Juice is that if we store it in a cool dry place as air tight, then it can stay for longs period without being decomposed.

Another way to use Garlic Juice for blood pressure problems or high cholesterol issues is to add some lemon juice and pure honey in Garlic Juice in order to get effective and quick results. No matter how you use Garlic Juice in your foods and soups, it gives very good and effective results within reasonable time for many diseases and health issues.


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