Garlic health benefits

Garlic health benefits

Learn Garlic Health Benefits of Garlic will be with you

Garlic is known to have been used for its medicinal value thousands of years before. It has been used by the ancient Egyptians even before the birth of Jesus Christ. The main ingredient in garlic that brings about most of these health benefits is called allicin.

How to take garlic

Though garlic has many health benefits it is not recommended to be taken in its raw form. The reason is its health giving ingredients could get destroyed in the stomach. Therefore, it is necessary to take garlic as garlic supplements. When you take it that way, you could avoid bad breath caused by this food item that has such a lot of health giving properties. Also you could take garlic in cooked or pickled form to minimize the damage caused to its health giving ingredients.

Health benefits of garlic

When you learn health benefits of garlic it is easy to be reaped. As such, it is a good idea to look at the different health benefits it could bring in.

Diabetes: Diabetes patients often suffer associated disorders of heart problems, weak kidneys and disorders of the nervous system.

Most of these could be prevented by adding garlic oil into diets of those who suffer.

High blood cholesterol: Many people start suffering from high cholesterol levels when they reach the age of 45. They could easily control the formation of bad cholesterol by adding a few cloves of garlic in their diets.

Hypertension: Garlic is well known for its ability to control hyper tension. It is able to control the high blood pressure by making the blood vessels more flexible.

Digestion: Garlic aids in the digestion of food. It could help eliminate any malfunctions of the digestive track such as swelling and irritation.

Eye infections: Since garlic has vitamin C and chemical compounds such as quercetin, selenium etc. it is able to help infection of the eye and control swelling of eyes.

Earache: Garlic is able to eliminate earache due to its anti microbial functions. The garlic oil necessary for this purpose could be made at home by adding a little juice extracted from garlic to a little olive oil.

Common cold: When you take two cloves of garlic at the onset of common cold, you could control the severity of symptoms. For this purpose you must take it raw. It is able to control cough also.

Wounds: You could use garlic to clear infection from wounds. Since garlic could irritate an open wound if used alone, you could add a few drops of water.

Asthma: Boiled garlic is a good antidote against asthma. Taking two cloves of boiled garlic along with a glass of milk before bed is the way to take it.

When you learn the health benefits of this food, the medicinal value could be harnessed more, meaning fully as it has been recommended against various disorders. It could be used in raw form, boiled form or as garlic supplements.

Take Advantage Of Garlic Health Benefits

Garlic is one of the most celebrated and widely used herbs in the history of human kind. Relics from the past tell us that garlic has been used for almost five thousand years now, but the real benefits of garlic have been found in the last one hundred or so years. In particular, the advanced research and development in terms of finding the real Garlic Health benefits has been carried out in the last twenty years or so. Garlic, onion and chive belong to the same family.

All of them are acidic and sharp in taste due to which they are very commonly and highly demanded in many parts of the world. They not only add great taste in our foods but also are very beneficial and advantageous for human health in different aspects.

In the present era, we cannot easily protect ourselves from different diseases without spending high costs but however, it is still easy to do so through Garlic Health. The Garlic Health benefits in this regard are numerous and diversified. As a primary Garlic Health benefit, the use of garlic renders a person to control the blood pressure. This is so because of the sulfur compounds present in the garlic, which not only reduce the heart pumping pressure but also decrease the viscosity of the blood, so as to make it dilute.

The use of garlic is also good in people who have contracted heart diseases. It is a well-known remedy for naturally opening the veins and arteries that lead to the heart. The use of garlic over a long period of time also results in the lowering of blood cholesterol, since Garlic decreases the amount of LDL while increasing the amount of HDL in the blood stream. Certain research studies also show that garlic can help in the curbing of certain cancerous cells, such are Garlic Health benefits.

A good thing about garlic is that it is easily available in the market in whatever form you like. You may buy fresh garlic from the green grocer, or it is also available in the form of powdered garlic, granulated garlic, roasted and non roasted garlic and of course the Kyolic garlic aged extract is also of very good use to a person who wants to take the good Garlic Health benefits without taking the foul and pungent smell of garlic into account. Another easy and convenient way to exploit the Garlic Health benefits Is to make good use of the different garlic supplements, garlic juices, pastes and pestos that are easily available in the market.

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