Garlic Chives

Garlic Chives

What are Garlic Chives and how do you use them?

Allium tuberosum, or Garlic Chives, is a perennial plant that grows at about 12 inches the stems of this plant are flat and skinny and there are blooms with a greenish white color. The blooms show up during summer. The flowers can go high up to 30 inches, way higher than the leaves. This is a very unique plant that tastes like a mixture of onion and garlic. Maybe you are confused if this should serve as a substitute for garlic or if it is good enough to be an alternative for chives. Well, let us find out some nice culinary uses of the said plant and how you can take advantage of it.

The foliage of the Garlic Chives has the similar aroma as any regular chives. It has a mild garlic smell and taste. Though it is pretty much popular to modern western cooking, this particular plant is still much more popular in various Asian cuisines. In fact this is a preferred option when making stir fried recipes. The problem with actual garlic especially with raw dishes is that it can be too overpowering. The Garlic Chives offer a nice mild flavor that you can really enjoy.

If you want something more commonplace such as pizza, you can substitute regular chives with the Garlic Chives. Chop it finely and then mix it with Parmesan cheese. It will offer a nice mild garlic taste that is not too overwhelming. If you are thinking of pasta, sauté this plant on butter and add some seafood or anything you like at all. The flavors will infuse with the oil and the meat, coating them with flavor and amazing aroma. Even with mash potatoes, you can take advantage of the Garlic Chives by using them as topping to add a nice green color to the dish. You may also add this to your creams and sauces to make the garlic flavor subtler.

If you want an even more delicate version, the yellow Garlic Chives can be your best bet. It does not offer the same nutritional benefits as with the green one, but it is very tender so it is so nice to have in varied dishes.

If you are thinking of a good breakfast meal using these beautiful and slender plants, you might want to add it to your toast for some nice flavorful toast in the morning. The first thing you should do is crumble some feta cheese. Next, chop some tarragon. Then, finely chop the Garlic Chives. Prepare your olive oil as well as your day old bread, baguette or any other bread with crust. In a bowl, place the crumbled cheese and place tarragon, some pepper and the Garlic Chives. Toss it but do not overwork. Incorporate the oil into the mixture and let it sit for at least 2 hours. Once ready to use, heat the bread and place on baking sheet. Carefully place the cheese mix and spread evenly. Broil the whole thing and let the cheese bubble. Afterwards, let it cool down and serve it warm.

They Are Similar To Garlic In Taste

Garlic has a great taste due to which it can make any food much more tasty as compared to any dish prepared without the use of Garlic. When used in foods, the Garlic itself almost vanishes but leaves a strong taste that makes the whole recipe full of taste and delicacy. So whether you use the Garlic powder, Garlic paste or Garlic juice there will be no change in the taste because all we need in our daily life dishes and recipes is the taste of Garlic not the Garlic itself to be eaten. So where the Garlic like taste is concerned, we have one such category plant having taste very similar to Garlic and are known as Garlic Chives.

Garlic Chives are plants with straight thin and long stalks with white flowerings. Garlic Chives have unique growth habits. Garlic Chives grow in expanding clumps. The leaves in Garlic Chives are belt shaped. Garlic Chives are mainly found and used in China but you can find them easily in different parts of the world. Garlic Chives are considered to be vegetables and have a great taste similar to the Garlic. The stalk and leaves of the garlic chive are used in different dishes with the manner similar to the use of Garlic itself. The taste of the Garlic Chives resemble the garlic very much. Garlic chives can be used in different types of corn soups, chicken soups and vegetable soups thus adding great taste in them. Garlic Chives are very good for the control and maintenance of human blood pressure as they control the blood circulation as well as the blood content level. When we talk about the blood content, it is important to mention that Garlic Chives are very beneficial for controlling the blood cholesterol level and are recommended to those people who are suffering from high blood cholesterol level.

Garlic Chives are also good for the digestive system and can easily deal with gastric problems including indigestion problems. Another way to use the Garlic Chives is to let them dry and then after some time make powder out of them. This powdered form of the Garlic Chives is very easy to use as we can sprinkle the powder in any dish we want. Garlic Chives could also be used with lemon juice either in impulse use or in stored form. The addition of lemon juice to the Garlic Chives makes our dishes and recipes more tasty and good for health. We can also make sauce out of the Garlic Chives and can use them in place of Garlic sauce.

Garlic Chives grow out of the seeds and during the initial stage of the growth, we need a lot of care in order to increase the growth. The flowers are also very attractive and beautiful and this is another positive aspect. People use Garlic Chives in different dishes and recipes as they add great taste as well as are very good for the human health.


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