Garlic Bulbs

The Hot variety: a brief introduction to the Garlic Bulb family

A garlic bulb is a garlic bulb for someone who does not really care for garlic. However, for the rest of the world who does care for it, the appeal of garlic goes beyond just a simple crop. It comes in many forms and varieties and in recent count, it has been said that there are well over 600 sub-varieties of the plant. In some areas in the US, communities hold garlic festivities where they put garlic into any possible food options, be it in ice cream or shakes.

garlic bulbs

The humble garlic’s roots can be traced in central Asia but it has greatly expanded due to trade. Now, we see numerous varieties that are best grown in cooler climates as well as warmer ones. The Artichoke garlic is the most common form and is commercially sold to the market. It is very easy to produce and they sell well. They are harder to peel and that must be the reason they are popular. They do not bruise easily and can be found in most groceries. This is also nice for those who just want a mild garlic taste.

Burgundy is a form of creole garlic and has a medium pungency. Most creole garlic bulbs have very rich and full flavors with medium pungent aroma. This particular kind of garlic has a rose color and they are grown in most southern climates since they are more adept to changing weather patterns compared to most varieties. They are absolutely beautiful to have on the garden due to the color.

Most would agree that of all garlic bulbs, the porcelain variety is the most beautiful. The wrapper is thick and has a paper-y texture and quality. The outer shell is pure white but as the layers are peeled, hints of purple show. These particular varieties grow best in cooler climates but some southern regions grow it well also.

Rocambole has a thinner wrapper and will most of the time have more purplish hues. They are not the most perfect looking garlic bulb varieties but they do pack some awesome flavor. A lot of garlic aficionados agree that the Rocambole variety is indeed a pleasure to eat. They are generally very flavorful and most of the sub-varieties are very hot (pungent). These particular varieties need cool climates to grow well. It would have been a pain for people from warmer climates to grow these varieties. It would be best to just order them from an actual grower if you want to cook specific dishes using the Rocambole.

When it comes to the “braid-able” ones, the silverskin is the one with the more pliable neck and they store very well. They are relatively small and they grow later but they have stronger flavors than the artichokes. This has a nice white wrapper and when braided, just looks beautiful on your kitchen.

Another interesting “garlic bulb” is the elephant garlic. It is actually not part of the onion family but only a leak that forms bulbs. These particular ones have very mild flavors and are good for those who are not yet ready for the real deal in garlic dishes. 

Garlic Bulbs Are Full Of Taste and Nutrition

Out of the so many gifts of nature, Garlic Bulbs are one such gift that apparently look very ordinary but in fact it is not an ordinary vegetable. These Garlic Bulbs are full of taste, nutrition and other capabilities.

The first aspect of the Garlic bulbs is the great taste they can make when used in different eatables like fries and pulses. When you compare any salty food added by Garlic with any salty food cooked without garlic, you can feel a lot of difference and this different gets more significant when you are a regular user of Garlic Bulbs in your foods. Apart from being used in eatables, the Garlic Bulbs can also be used in different vegetable soups, chicken soups and other simple corn soups. So for taste conscious people, the Garlic Bulbs can do much more than it seems. Garlic bulbs can be found in every restaurant, as it is a major ingredient to be used in foods. Especially the people of Asia are fond of using Garlic Bulbs in their foods.

Apart from the taste, the Garlic Bulbs can also be used as a good medicine to control blood cholesterol high levels and high blood pressure problems due to the fact that it can help a lot in smoothing the blood circulation. Blood circulation is the key determinant behind controlling the blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels. Garlic Bulbs can also serve as a good medicine for the heart patients. Another quality of the Garlic Bulbs is that they can also be best used for the patients suffering from blood clot or paralysis. Garlic Bulbs are also a good source of warmth and heat if you are suffering from cold or you live in a cold region. Many doctors consider Garlic Bulbs to be the best medicine for so many diseases and health problems.

The Garlic bulb can be used to make pickles, as we know that garlic pickles are very tasty. Garlic could be stored in different forms like garlic Juice and garlic pickle. Another important thing to ponder is that there is no doubt about the benefits and taste of Garlic Bulbs but it should be kept in mind that the excess of any thing could cause problems. In similar way the excess use of Garlic can cause liver problems and some other health disorders. So in order to get the best out of the Garlic Bulbs, we should use them in the right and appropriate proportions.

Garlic is also a good source of income for many people due to the fact that is also grown and traded on commercial bases. Even Garlic Bulbs are also imported and exported by different countries. So it is correct to say that Garlic not only adds taste or gives health but also is a good source of living for so many people.

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