Garlic Benefits

The Wonder Bulb: Multifarious Garlic benefits

Culinary benefits

Garlic is known to be quite difficult to take in by itself. However, as a complement for most culinary delights, this plant is a staple. From soups, breads, stir fried and other food preparations, garlic provides added aroma and flavor to the food. It’s best partner is onion and is often used to flavor oil, ready for frying. Roasted garlic can be placed in particular dishes. Be wary, though, because burning it can result to unflattering and overpowering flavors. However, perfectly cooking or heating the garlic can transform the overpowering scent and taste to a mellow and sweet flavor that is the base for numerous dishes across the world. 

Medicinal benefits

Garlic can be used to inhibit microbial growth due to the compound called Allicin. The compound is sulfur based and is not inherently present in garlic but when it is chopped. This is the liquid that oozes out from garlic and has a pungent smell. It has been studied that this compound can be used to inhibit the growth of bacteria as well as fungal growth.

Allicin is the natural defense mechanism of garlic bulbs against pests. This particular component unique in garlic has been studied heavily. Studies that support Garlic benefits agree that it can address risks of atherosclerosis as well as the deposition of fat on the blood vessels. It can also be used to decrease blood pressure and balance out lipoprotein levels.  

The Allicin in garlic has been studied to test its effectiveness against a strain of Staphylococcus aureus (methicillin resistant). Water based allicin is being studied as a more potent form of medicinal tool. The organic compound, though analyzed as a useful and powerful antibactetrial product, oxidizes very fast and therefore, it requires a unique vessel to be administered orally to the patient without losing potency. Water based formulations prove to be effective since hydrogen bonds with oxygen preserves the molecule.

Boosts immunity 

Another garlic benefit to take into consideration is its effect to the immune system. According to studies, garlic can boost immune function by stimulating white blood cells. This then increases the antibody functions. Again, Allicin is an important component to this feature. As an antioxidant, garlic has been said to minimize free radicals in the blood.  

Serves as a blood thinner 

Garlic has been popularly known to have compounds that serve as blood thinners. These agents can be used to minimize the risks of heart ailments as well as strokes. However, this is only applicable to patients or individuals with the tendency to develop blood clots along the arterial lining, causing clogging and possible blockage. People taking garlic supplements or maybe high doses of garlic products for medicinal benefits, it would be best to get the advice from a medical expert. As much as Garlic benefits people, too much, like anything else, can be detrimental, especially without prior knowledge about its risks and advantages. 

Aesthetic benefits 

When it comes to the skin, Garlic benefits take effect in topical form instead of ingesting it. For people who have acne, natural topical creams that use garlic can very well help the individual in minimizing the risks of breakouts or eliminate existing ones. Both in natural, conventional and other traditions, like in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, garlic can be used in topical form as a cream to eliminate acne, and as an antiaging product. Again, one has to look at the components of garlic and how it works. It can fight off free radicals with the help of the sulfur based allicin. This same component, when applied in acne, can serve as a topical antibiotic to remove the bacterial growth and minimize inflammation, speeding up the healing process with acne, there are particular things based on Ayurvedic traditions that one might want to follow. Garlic should be applied to skin with warm water every morning. This will serve as the natural defense of the skin and it also helps in improving the skin’s natural glow. The person must also not eat any spicy foods while undergoing the treatment. For the rest of the day, cleaning the face with cold water 5 times is crucial. In Chinese medicine, garlic is considered as a hot food since it produces heat in the body. Any food that heats the body up can cause flare ups. The goal is to control the temperature levels inside. Complementary to Ayurvedic principle, the said processes can help in addressing the negative side effects of this hot food on the skin. 

benefits of garlic

Getting the most of Garlic benefits: 

It is necessary to stress out that too much of the good thing can lead to bad things. The same goes with garlic.

For a person with no ailments, 2-4 cloves of garlic are the maximum daily dosage. This can be taken in before the person sleeps and can be taken in with milk or water afterwards.  

As said earlier, garlic is a thinning agent and too much can lead to serious health risks. Supplements with increased dosages of garlic should be taken under medical supervision. This is especially true to patients with heart ailments.  

Due to the anticoagulant properties of Allicin, garlic should never be taken before any minor or major surgical procedures are done.  

Any person who wishes to take in garlic supplements with other medications is discouraged from doing so.  

People with Asthma should not take in garlic since it can worsen the condition.  

People with sensitive skin should not apply garlic directly to the surface. Garlic has sulfur compounds and if you are sensitive to the element, please avoid taking garlic.  

It is advised to any person who wishes to eat or take garlic to ingest a small amount first. It is very rare to have hypersensitivity to this plant but it is best to be safe than sorry.  

Raw garlic is better than cooked if the person wishes to take advantage of the full medicinal potential of allicin. The reason is that the molecule is very unstable and is easily destroyed by elevating the temperature.  

When you cook garlic, you are getting Garlic benefits for its culinary value and not any more for medicinal aspects.

Eating raw garlic may not be the most delicious thing that you have ever tasted, but it can bring you so many health advantages. It is known worldwide for its pungent smell and its vital role in many dishes. However, it is not only a powerful addition to your favorite dish; it is also discovered to have some of the best health benefits known to man. Let us explore some of the most important garlic benefits that anyone can obtain.

1. Lowers Your Cholesterol Level

High cholesterol levels are one of the factors that cause heart disease and it is best that we avoid it. By incorporating cloves in your daily meals, you can lower your cholesterol levels. This is due to the fact that garlic benefits your body through antioxidants that will prevent low density lipoprotein (bad fat) from being oxidized; therefore reducing your cholesterol level. And this is great because we all know how cholesterol clogs up the arteries eventually leading to heart disease and stroke.  

2. Antibacterial Properties 

Garlic benefits your body too through antibacterial as well as antifungal and antiviral properties that allow them to stop bacteria, fungi, and virus in its tracks. Studies have shown that it resembles a one percent of the antibacterial penicillin’s effectiveness. Diseases that are triggered by fungi, bacteria, or viruses can easily be combated by these garlic benefits.  

3. Counters Hypertension 

People suffering from hypertension are prone to develop many diseases such as heart disease and stroke, and other cardiovascular diseases. If you have high blood pressure, garlic benefits can help lower your blood pressure levels. Even normal blood pressure can still be lowered by garlic benefits. Garlic benefits your arteries by making them relax, thereby preventing spasms and hardening that is a factor for hypertension.  

4. Cancer Fighter 

Garlic benefits your body too through powerful properties for cancer prevention. Most people are usually concerned about how to prevent the fatal disease of cancer, and it is great to know that garlic benefits your body to fight certain types like stomach cancer, colon cancer, throat cancer, and prostate cancer. Although there is no known levels yet of how much risk is reduced, these studies about garlic benefits are just as promising. Here is one tip: when cooking meat, adding cloves reduces the carcinogens found in it.  

5. Colds and Flu 

Garlic benefits have been found to have something to do with fighting and preventing the common cold. Its antiviral and antibacterial properties may be the reason for these garlic benefits. If you take raw cloves when you have a cold, it is said to reduce the infection and help fight the cold.  

6. Immune System Boost 

When it comes to fighting sickness, it is good at boosting your immune system to help your body guard against diseases. In order to make it more effective, it is recommended that raw cloves must be taken.

7. Promotes Good Skin 

Since it has antioxidant properties, it helps clear the skin and give it a nice glowing complexion. Our skin can benefit a lot from antioxidants. In order to have healthy looking skin, garlic can give great advantages to your integumentary system.  

These are just some of the benefits of garlic that is known to men. Who knows that there’s more which are not proven yet but helpful to the human body.

The Health Benefits Of Garlic

Next time you pick up garlic in the kitchen, do not just think of it as just another ingredient that adds a certain flavor to your dish, think of it as a powerful remedy to many of your health problems, provided that you use it properly. Garlic Benefits are wholesome and potent but unfortunately known to a few. This is because most people think of garlic as a medium that will add a strong flavor to their dish and make it a little spicier to eat. What they do not know about are the Garlic Benefits that nature has put in garlic for them. If such Benefits Of Garlic become widely known to the general public, then there is no doubt that it will be valued more than its being valued now.

Garlic is a herb that looks like a bulb when its ripe. When broken, the bulb breaks into individual cloves, which are peeled off and used in different dishes. Nature has bestowed it with many benefits. Apothecaries and physicians of olden times have well known the Benefits Of Garlic. To begin with, they have used garlic as an antiseptic agent, and its extracts were put in lotions and remedies that were used to treat injury wounds. Apart from that, garlic was used in the treatment of heart and blood related diseases. Extracts of garlic were mixed with antimony and butter and were applied to the scalp in order to encourage the growth of new hair and strengthen the existing ones. Garlic oils were used in the treatment of infectious diseases.

There are numerous Health Benefits Of Garlic. Modern scientific research on garlic has established the fact that it has got tremendous benefits in terms of curing the diseases that are related to the heart. For example, a research found that there were certain chemicals found in garlic that were essential in the lowering of blood pressure and thus providing the heart, arteries and veins with room for comfort. Certain flavonoids found in garlic can help strengthen the walls and valves of the heart and thus protect the heart from diseases and help it fight existing diseases. Garlic has also been known to produce certain chemicals that help lower the LDL cholesterol levels and help attain high HDL cholesterol levels, thus helping a person to lower the content of blood cholesterol in the body.

Garlic Health Benefits do not just end there, there are a lot more. A study conducted into the health benefits of garlic revealed that it does possess certain chemicals that are beneficial in the treatment of cancerous cells. This means that garlic could be used to good avail if proper research is carried out on the herb. Besides, garlic has the tendency to regulate the insulin levels in the body and therefore reduce the blood sugar levels. It can therefore be used as a precautionary measure to protect oneself against the threat of diabetes. Garlic Health Benefits are therefore numerous and more will soon be found along with the passage of time and the advancement of research and development.